About the Portal

In spite of all the variety of hardware and software facilities huge human, material and financial resources are spent everyday for specific searches of customers, partners, products or services.

The main goal of any business is sales increasing, security of transactions, quick search for goods and services, reducing of overhead charges…


With good knowledge of all global aspects, specific nuances and business problems we created Com-bis.com portal, a software product that takes into account all the aims and requirements for successful business.Participants of the system (portal clients) will receive the maximum effect and the moral satisfaction from work results.


The sellers are guaranteed the possibility of global advertising of their products obtaining the most accurate information about demand on goods, security of transactions through Com-bis.com portal payment system.

Analytical module will provide information about market requirements for each product, allowing making cuts in different countries or cities.

On-line showcase will help to enhance the visual influence on potential buyers, the seller manages showcase himself.

Free access to portal services variety will optimize (significantly reduce) costs and spent time.


Customers use basic portal services for free.

It’s the fastest way to optimize purchases of any good or service.

Unique catalog allows you to select concrete product.

Good request comes immediately to all sellers of this type of product.

You always know the number of proposals and price of your request.

Ability to contact the seller directly will help to choose the most optimal variant.

Additional services will help you to get special discounts.


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