10 best selling goods/services

The statistics shows rating of goods and services according to sales.

This service analyses and shows the deals statistics for goods and services made at Com-bis.com. As a result, sellers obtain a representation of an actual demand of customers on goods and services.

The analysis is made based on the deals statistics of Com-bis.com and also deals of online stores provided by Com-bis.com to its VIP-clients for business dealing.

As opposed to a number of other statistical investigations, the Com-bis.com rating exactly reflects the market demand on goods and services considering that it takes into account only the number of purchases (deals) but not the Page-Views or search requests.

The list of the mostly marketed goods and services:

Number Items title Quantity of deals
1 Auth CHANEL 2.55 Black Quilted Lambskin Jumbo Maxi Handbag, Bag, MINT 1
2 Soap 1
3 EPA Andrographitis 250mg 1