What is the reason to use com-bis.com?X

1. Portal is destined for millions of clients who want to increase the volume of sales, as in the country, so beyond it.
2. Com-bis.com is powerful instrument of access to business resource, targeted audience. Trading platform is equipped with all the necessary tools for your business accompaniment.
3. Payment system at the Com-bis.com guarantees the safety of deals implementation.
4. You get online program module with the help of which you register in the common base products you want to sell; also you have an access to analytic module with the help or which you learn more about customers' needs, better understand their behavior for more effective promotion of your products. Country/city cut.
5. You get free access to portal services that will essentially reduce your business expenses. You get the multilevel site with individual design that demands any site production, domain, hosting, promotion, and optimization and accompaniment costs.
6. You get from the analytic module the detailed statistics on visiting by the customers that goods you are interesting in and always have information about demand on your good.
7. You independently from your working cabinet with the help of special program module can place and edit your goods and services, add new products, change price-lists, place additional video files and photo materials for online showcase.
8. With the help of online showcase you increase visual influence on buyers.
9. Possibility of price-list automatic synchronization of your central data base with com-bis.com catalog.
10. For increasing attraction of some goods you can participate in bonus programs – "Bonus club" at Com-bis.com. Being involved in "Bonus club" you will increase your volume of business and attract new clients.
11. You can order Promo actions of your goods and your company at the portal.
12. Use banner and contextual advertisement for effective sales.
13. 360 days in year your company is promoted in IT-space.
14. You automatically get answers on your questions at the portal.
15. Safety of deals implementation (see. insurance module)

Registered clients advantagesX

1. Your production will become well known all over the world.
2. Search of new buyers and sales increasing.
3. Constant представление о спросе на Ваш продукт.
4. Deals safety for all the parties (see module Insurance).
5. Thank to the full registration there are no accidental sellers (according to the ip-address the country of origin of sellers and buyers is marked)
6.Module of good classification allows quickly and exactly find good with desired properties significantly reducing searching time.
7. Buyer make standard request to sellers on good he is interested in with standard parameters: price, quantity and etc. Request is made by unique clients module that provides analytic report to sellers: demand of goods/services by regions, time and so on.
8. Deal quickness. Buyer can connect in online mode with seller from any country, discuss the good characteristics and delivery terms. (see module)