Glass pencil
     Otolaryngology equipment
          Diagnostic set
               Replacement light-emitting diodes
               Bulbs for a laryngoscope
               Charging device
          Overhead mirror
               Ear speculums
               Nasal mirror
               Otoscope head
               Battery accumulator handle
          Hearing aids
     Equipment for intensive care, anesthesias, resuscitations
          Artificial lung and anaesthesia-respiratory apparatus
          For an intensive care
          For monitoring of the vital functions
          Infusion pumps
          Syringe pumps
     "first aid" equipment
          Respiratory resuscitation apparatus
          Apparatus for carrying out of inhalation anaesthesia
          Stretcher for patient transportation
          Transportation splint set
          Immobilize airfree mattress
          Bag for artificial ventilation of the lungs
          Medicine bag for first-aid treatment
          Portable lung-tester
          Resuscitation bag-knapsack
          Emergency doctor packing
     Ophthalmologic apparatus
          Apparatus rotta
          Fissural lamp
          Skiascopic ruler
          Ophthalmological loupe
          Ophthalmological surgical microscope
          Lens fitting set
          Ophthalmologic trial spectacle lens set
          Sight-testing apparatus
          Sight stimulator
          Eye tonometer
          Worth's four-dot test
          Endothelial microscope
     Radiological apparatus, diagnostic complexes
          Dental x-ray
          Angiographical complexes
          C-arm x-ray
          Portable x-ray apparatus
          X-ray view boxes
          X-ray protectors
          Film drying facilities
          Film photochemical processing facilities
     Sterilizers, irradiators, steam autoclaves, disinfectors, etc.
          Bactericidal irradiators
          Bactericidal irradiators recirculators
          Ultrasonic device of clearing and disinfection
          Bake oven boxes
          Washing disinfect machines
          Ultrasonic washer
     Stomatologic equipment
          Apex locator
          Stomatological aspiration system
          Drilling machine
          Diathermy coagulator
          Intraoral box
          Complex stomatologic equipment
          Stomatological compressor
          Light curing lamp (light curing unit)
          Stomatologic furnaces
               Ceramic, metal-ceramics furnaces
               Casting machine
               Muffle furnace
          Air sand blower
          Ultrasonic scaler
          Stomatologic armchair of the patient
          Stomatologic armchair of the doctor
          Ultrasonic-equipment for parodontosis treatment
          Stomatologic lasers
          Amblyocore (for bearing correction, scoliosis treatment and etc.)
          Headholder (hard)
          Apparatus ilizarova set
          Complex for a densitometry
          System for osteal age definition
     Shock-wave apparatus
          Complexes of shock-wave lithotripsy
          Complexes for erectile dysfunction treatment
          Complexes for cardiovascular diseases treatment
          Apparatus of sports medicine and traumatology
     Ultrasonic apparatus
          Multi-function ultrasonic scanners
          For doppler inspections
          Ultrasonics sensing devices
     Physiotherapeutic, balneal apparatus and equipment
          Equipment for hydrocolonotherapy
          Balneal bath
          Heaters for mud, heaters for lamp-wax
          For short-wave therapy
          For microwave therapy
          For uhf-therapy
          For mmw - therapy
          For low-frequency therapy
          For electrical stimulation
          For a local darsonvalization
          For magnitno-laser therapy
          For reflexotherapy
          For magnetic therapy
          For quantum therapy
          For ultrasonic therapy
          Oxygen therapy
          Physiotherapeutic irradiators
          Air cleaners
          Apparatus for cryosurgery
          Apparatus for electrosurgery
          Skin grafting knifes
          Forehead surgical mesoscope
          Surgery microscopes
               For general surgery
          Suction devices, aspirators, etc.
          Transforators dermal
          Surgical lamps
     Endoscopic and laparoscopic equipment
          Proctology and rectoscopy
                    Rectoscopic forcepses
                    Bougie coagulator
               Rectoscope tubus