Endless opportunities for buyersX

1. Portal is destined for millions of buyers of all countries who want to optimize purchase of any good or service.
 2. All portal services for buyers are free.
 3. By choosing the targeted good you make the request that immediately goes to all sellers with the exact desired properties. In properties you mark country/city or all countries/cities from which you want to get proposals. Request translation on Russian/English will be made automatically. Buyer gets lots of proposals from all registered sellers of targeted good reducing contact time.
 4. Payment for goods/services is to be made via the portal payment system with guarantee of deal fulfillment.
 5. Unique module-classifier of goods and services by sections reduces searching time of needed good or service and increase constituent of price/quality.
 6. You can contact with any seller in any country in online mode.
 7. You can buy goods from companies placed their goods and services in "Bonus-club". Buying bonus good you get the possibility of real economy of funds in amount of bonuses quantity provided by the company-participant of "Bonus-club".
 8. You can become a participant of promo-actions carrying out at the portal and get promo good or service for 1/10 of it's cost.
 9. Constant information about quantity of registered sellers on interested good/service.
 10. Executing and sending tenders to purposeful suppliers.