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          For oil distribution
          Grease pump
          Constituent, spare parts
     Air conditioner's service
     Battery charger
     Diagnostic equipment
          Complex test-lines
          Traversing check
          Breaks check
          Equipment for electronic system control
          End float mounting detectors
          Gas analysators, smoke meters
          Constituent, spare parts
     Forcing screw
     Equipment for rail transport
     Equipment for water transport
     Equipment for air transport
Laboratory equipment
     For all laboratories
          Rotary evaporators
          Peristaltic pumps
          Laboratory cooling equipment
          Water filters
          Milling machines
          Shakers, mixers, centrifuges, etc
          Heaters, drying boxes, incubators, sterilizers, etc
          Sampling systems for liquid, solid, dry substances
               Filling devices
               Sampler of liquid, dry and solid substances
          Constituent, spare parts
     Analytical equipment
          For microbiological analysis
          For food-stuff
               Grain crops
               Beer and drinks
               Milk and meat
          For petroleum products
          For chemical industry
          For water
          For soil and minerals
          Moisture analyzers
          Constituent, spare parts
Control and measuring equipment
     Electrical measuring instruments
          Resistance meter
          Frequency meter
          Phase monitor
          Comparator instruments
          Measuring transformers
          Standart elements
               Constant current
               Alternating current
          Electric counter (meter)
          Multimeter, tester
          Clamp transformer
          Sound level meter
          Measuring antenna
          Field-density meter
          Instrument shunt
     Measuring devices and equipment
          For temperature measuring
               Thermocouple elements
          Dosimeter, radiometer
          Hydrometer (hydroscopic)
          For pressure measurement
               Vacuum meter
               Pressure and vacuum gauge
          Light meter
          Gas-measurement equipment
          Defect detectors
          For hardness measurement
     Constituent, spare parts
Electrical machinery
     Complex control panels
     Low-voltage equipment
          Automatic circuit breakers
          Modular hardware
          Control panels, pushbutton panels
          Cam switch
          Relay-controlled equipment
          Servo-motor equipment
          Frequency inverter
          Contact-breakers, safety devices, etc
          Timers, time-delay switch
          Watt-hour meter
          Constant-voltage regulator
          Electric transformers
          Power bus dust ( rails)
          Constituent, spare parts
     Sub-distribution electrical equipment
     Circuit breaker panels
          Switch boards
          Reserve power supply
          Control boards
          Power shield
          Lighting panel
Electro energy generators
     Fuel generators
     Uninterruptive power supply
     Power-supply systems for cutters, yachts
     Wind-power generators
     Solar generators
     Constituent, spare parts
Building, road-building equipment
     Construction machinery
               Track type
          Track type tractors
          Land graders
          Concrete plants
          Concrete equipment
          Dumping trucks
          Constituent, spare parts
     Road machinery
          Log grappler
          Manual compaction equipment
          Hydraulic shears
          Rail saw
          Road cutter (floor saw)
          Black-top spreader
          Bitumen-spraying machine
          Pneumatic drill
          Road scribers
          Towing equipment
          Street cleaners (sweepers)
               Snow melting machines
               Cleaning and sweeping machines
               Snow cleaners
          Constituent, spare parts
Communication equipment
     Tele- and radio broadcasting
          Cable tv stations