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               Block systems
          Shopping baskets, trolleys etc
          Weighting equipment
          Systems against robbery
          Constituent, spare parts
     Equipment for food service industry
          Equipment for street trading and fast-food
               Apparatus for kebab (shawarma)
               Barbecue, braziers
               Pop-corn machines
               Crepe makers
               Wafer stove
               Doughnut machines
               Hot-dog machines, etc
               Potato grill
               Constituent, spare parts
          Heat equipment
               Convection heaters, etc
               Cabinet ovens
               Poultry grill
               Electric pans
               Food kettle
               Pasta cookers
               Constituent, spare parts
          Commercial refrigeration equipment
               Vine coolers, chillers
               Refrigerated display cases
                ice-cream showcases
               Coolers for sausage and cheese
               Refrigeration apparatus
               Mini bars
               Constituent, spare parts
          Cutting, pilling, chopping equipment
               Vegetable-cutting machines
               Cutting and pulping machines
               Mincemeat mixers
               Food processors
               Potato peeling machines
               Constituent, spare parts
          Equipment for dough
               Dough sheeting roller
               Flour sifting and dressing machines
               Bread slicer
               Dough rounder and dividers
               Constituent, spare parts
          Bar equipment
               Juice squeezers
               Cocktail mixers
               Juice coolers
               Ice shavers
               Chocolate fountains
               Ice generators
               Constituent, spare parts
          Dishwashing machines
          Kitchen amenities
               Pedestal tables
               Food-serving carts
               Gastronomy containers
               Thermo-food containers
               Extra equipment
     Equipment for hairdressers, solariums,
          Equipment for hairdressers
               Hairdresser's trolleys
               Barber's chairs
               Hair driers
               Hood dryers
               Constituent, spare parts
          Equipment for manicure, pedicure
               Hardware manicure, pedicure
               Manicure tables
               Constituent, spare parts
          Ir sauna, cabins
               Constituent, spare parts
          Spa jets
     Equipment for washing houses, dry-cleaners
          Washing and drying equipment
          Ironing equipment
          Dry-cleaning equipment
          Constituent, spare parts
     Equipment for play centers
          Electronic game machines
          Children play ground
          Inflatable attractions
          Outdoor attractions
          Photo booths
          Skating rings, rollerdromes
          Rock-climbing walls
          4d cinema
          Constituent, spare parts
     Equipment for cinema
          Digital cinema
               Cinema projectors and extra equipment
               Servers, players, etc
               3d equipment
          35mm movie theaters
          Endless-roll devices
          Digital processor for audio and video signals
          Splicing blocks
          Constituent, spare parts
Equipment for transport repairs
     Equipment for car repeirs
          Car lift platforms
               Two-post hoist
               Four-post hoist
               Scissors lift
               For tire fitting
               Plunger lift
               Pit lift
               For parking
          Alignment stand
          Tire fitting equipment
               Tire changers
               Bead expanders
               Balancing stands
               Cargo tire fitting
               Nitrogen generators
               Tire (wheels) washing
               Consumable materials for tire fitting
          Tools for doors fitting
          Leveling equipment
               Frame machines
               Flattening tools
               Metrology systems
          Constituent, spare parts
     Equipment for painting
          Paint booths
          Preparing stations
          Paints preparation
          Ir dry
          Paint-gun washer
          Constituent, spare parts
     Hydraulic equipment
          Hoisting jack
          Transmission stands
          Constituent, spare parts
     Equipment for oil change
          For oil change
               Manual bleeding
               Vacuum change