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               Underwater harpoon gun
               Fish strings with cable
          Fishing gear
                    Plant origin
          Fishing tools accessories
          Constituent, spare parts
     Harvesting technique
               Wheel base
          Wood cargo vessel
          Constituent, spare parts
Agricultural, fishing and forest equipment
     Agricultural equipment
               Sugar-beet combine
               For sugar-cane
               Grain combine
               Forage combine
               Flax combine
          Cutting machines
          Cotton harvesting machines
          Root crops picker
          Walk-behind tractors
          Spraying machines
          Potato setters
          Potato separators
          Harvesting platform
          Onion bedding machines
          Onion lifter-windrowers
          Machines for blending and servicing pet-food
               Feed-milling lines
               Granulating press
               Stock feeders
          Machines for soil working
               Cultivation-spraying machines
               Ride formers
                    Toothed harrow
                    Chain-link harrow
                    Disk harrow
               Plows (ploughs)
               Deep tillers
          Fodder procurement
               Grass-mowing machines
               Self-propelled mowers
               Pickup press
               Swath makers
               Precision seeding
          Constituent, spare parts
     Agricultural machinery
          Grain casing
          Water conveyance
          Growing houses
          Sample selection
          Grain cleaners
          Stones separator
          Equipment for sunflower seed processing
          Farm silo towers
          Constituent, spare parts
     Equipment for animal and poultry industry
          Animal weighing-machines
          Equipment for pig-breeding farms
          Equipment for dairy farms and animal-breeding units
               Milking equipment
               Livestock buildings
               Feeding systems
          Equipment for poultry production units
               Poultry production farms
               Hatching equipment
               Equipment for eggs and chicken processing
                    Chicken vaccination machines
                    Vacuum eggs transportation
               Automatic laying nests
          Constituent, spare parts
     Equipment for fish breeding and aquaculture
          Fish breeding units
          Shellfish breeding units
          Aquaculture breeding units
          Aerating apparatus
          Apparatus for oxygen enrichment
          Containers for live fish transportation
          Apparatus for fish separation
          Caviar incubators
          Control and management systems
          Constituent, spare parts
     Equipment for killing and slaughtering procedures
          Complex lines
               For pigs killing
               For cattle killing
               For poultry, rabbit's killing
               For small cattle killing
          Equipment for plucking
          Bleeding bath
               Brush wash
               Flail wash
          Dehearing machines
          Sub bottom transporter
          Tank scalder
          Evisceration platform
          Mobile platforms
          Constituent, spare parts
Equipment for consumers services
     Shop equipment
          Counters (market stalls)
          Shop windows
          Branded shelves, stands, etc
          Workspace of shop assistant, pos
               Workplace of chashmaster (shop assistant)
               Cigarette dispensers
               Data collection terminals
               Magnetic-card readers
          Demonstration models
                    Mannequin pedestals
               Coat hangers
                    For pants
                    For cloth
                    Size marking
                    Holder for undergarment
               Exhibition stand
               Parts of shelf-systems
                    Counter fastening
                    Inner joint
               Cable systems
               Wall modular systems
          Access and egress systems, barriers, fences
               Fence poles