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          Constituent, spare parts
     Leather and fur processing
          Tanning equipment
           fleshing machines
          Chipping machines
          Universal leather working equipment
          Constituent, spare parts
     Twisting equipment (for ropes, etc)
     Shoe making equipment
     Printing and silk screening
     Carpet roll and upholstery manufacture
     Non woven material manufacture
     Garment accessories fitting
Printing equipment
     Printing equipment
          Tampo press
          Thermo graphic machines
          Thermo-transfer machines
          Stencil screen press
          Digital press
          Flexographic press
     Plotters, cutting plotters
          Cutting plotters
     Risograph and extra materials
          Extra materials
     Prepress equipment
          Graphic stations
          Contact (printing-down) frames
          Photo setters
          Cleaning equipment
     Postpess equipment
          Cutting plotters
          Saddle stitching
          Adhesive binding
          Die cutting
          Folding carton cluing
     Constituent, spare parts
Food processing equipment
     For cutting, processing fish and meet production
          Production lines and complexes
               Semiconserves production complex
               Canned/jarred food production line
               Feed farce production line
               Caviar department
               Constituent, spare parts
          Fish processing equipment
          Crab, shrimps, squids processing equipment
          Equipment for meet-processing and fish industry
     For canning departments
          Washing machines
          Tare dosing equipment
          Can rejecting machine
          Capping apparatus
          Can-sealer (closing machines)
          Equipment for heat treatment
          Constituent, spare parts
     Baker's equipment
          Bred slicing machines
          Working dough machines
          Multifunctional precipitation machines
          Icing apparatus
          Dough rollers
          Dough cutters
          Dough rounder
          Dough mixers
          Electric cabinet ovens
          Deep fryers
          Crepe makers
          Constituent, spare parts
     Equipment for milk processing and cheese manufacturing
          Cheese manufacturing line
          Cottage cheese manufacturing line
          Condensed milk manufacturing line
          Butter manufacturing line
          Mayonnaise manufacturing line
          Ice-cream manufacturing line
          Butter workers
          Dispersants, emulsifiers
          Cheese press
          Curd vat
          Milk-dosing machines
          Food storage containers
               For milk storage
               For heat-treated milk
               For low-temperature treatment
          Steam generators
          Pumps for liquid food
          Milk coolers
          Forming machines
          Filling and packing equipment
               For cottage cheese
               For butter
               For milk
               For ice cream
               For mayonnaise
          Cip washing systems
          Milk tanker vessels
          Constituent, spare parts
     Equipment for oil manufacture
          Complex lines for oil manufacture
          Press machines
          Oil seed heaters
          Constituent, spare parts
     Equipment for macaroni manufacture
          Macaroni manufacture lines
          Macaroni press
          Flour sifting and dressing machines
          Dough mixers
          Constituent, spare parts
     Equipment for grain, legumes (etc) varieties
          Dryers and fryers
          Cooling tunnels
          Cleaning (separation) machines
          Milling machines
          Washing machines
          Constituent, spare parts
     Equipment for soybean working
          Soymilk manufacture machines
          Constituent, spare parts
Chemical industry equipment
Filling, packing, forming equipment
Pump and compressor equipment
     Blower pumps
     Pump management stations and units
     Set-up plants
     Constituent, spare parts
Welding equipment
     Welding inverters
     Argon-arc welding
     Semi-automatic welding
     Plasma welding apparatus
     Rectifier welder
     Transformer welder
     Accessories and extras for welding
          Gloves, suits, etc
          Welding electrode holder
          Welder's helmets, means of protection
     Welding materials
          Solid-section wires
          Flux cored wire
          Automatic-welding wire
     Constituent, spare parts
Climatic, cooling, etc equipment
     Heating equipment
          Air heaters
          Fan heaters
          Heating systems