Карта сайта

               With numerical control
          Gingering (polishing) machines
          Band-saw machines
          Cutting, erosion machining
               Laser cutting
               Plasma cutting
               Erosion machines
          Cut-off machines
          Machines for forging operations and stamping
          Electro mechanic rolls
          Machine-tool attachment
          Vise clamps
               Machine vise
               Bench vise
          Constituent, spare parts
     Metal foundry equipment
          Molding equipment
          Core equipment
          Equipment for ingoting
          Equipment for mixtures reduction
               Sand-resin mixture
               Sand mixture
          Equipment for metal transportation
          Equipment for breaking-in grit, sand, clay, etc
          Knock-out equipment
          Machines for high-pressure die casting (pressure molding)
               High-pressure die-casting
               Low-pressure die-casting
               Cold chamber die-casting machines
          Machines for consumable pattern casting
          Machines for central die-casting
          Cleaning (pollution control) equipment
          Smelting equipment
          Constituent, spare parts
     Woodworking equipment
          Log-processing equipment
          Equipment for veneer production
          Woodworking, cabinetry equipment
          Chunk plants
          Drying equipment
          Constituent, spare parts
     Glass processing
          Processing centers
          Glass cutting equipment
          Laminator glass cutters
          Glass plates loaders
          Glass edge working equipment
          Beveling equipment
          Drilling equipment
          Grind flushing equipment
          Washing equipment
          Glass fusing furnace
          Furnace for glass sheet bending
          Insulated glass production equipment
               Insulator glass production line
               Butyl extruder
               Distance-type frame cutter
               Turning table
               Molecular sieve filling machine (for distant-type frame)
               Fridge for extruder
          Laminated glass production line
          Glass-tempering furnace
          Glass lifters
               Clamps for glass sheets
               Vacuum lifters
          Stained glass plotters
          Glass painting machines
          Glass etching equipment
          Silk-screen printing equipment
          Constituent, spare parts
     Stone dressing
          Dressing centers
          Stone cutters
          Mill-engraving machines
          Multifunctional portable equipment
          Abrasive equipment
          Constituent, spare parts
     Universal equipment
          Water-jet cutting equipment
          Laser machines for cutting and engraving
          Laser engraver
          Master-form and schtanzforma cutters
          Marking machines
               Laser beam marking
               Dot peen marking
          Constituent, spare parts
     Plastic processing equipment
          Plastic bag production machines
          Plastic cups production line
          Hoses production line
          Tube production line
          Vacuum forming equipment
          Thermo-forming machines
          Plastic sheets production equipment
               Compression molding
          Welding equipment
          Cutting for plastic
          Plastic milling machines
          Holes-milling machines
          Granulator for polymers
          Grinding and polishing machines
          Blowing equipment
          Constituent, spare parts
Equipment for consumer industry
     Sewing equipment
          Sewing machines
          Overstitching machines (servers)
          Overstitching machines for carpets
          Button sewing machines
          Buttonhole sewing machines
          Fagot ting machines
          Couching stitch machines
          Chain stitch machines
               For knitwear
               For jeans, trousers
          Embroidery machines
          Sewing automats
          Quilting machines
          For sack tare sewing
          Machines for shoes, leather, leather products
          Seam sealing machines
          Constituent, spare parts
     Cutting tools and overlay
          Cutting tools, machines
          Roll cloth spreading machines
          Cutting table
          Cloth spreading automats
          Inspecting machines
          Constituent, spare parts
     Equipment for ironing and pressing
          Ironing tables
          Steam generators
          Sets (iron+steam generator)
          Fusing press
          Constituent, spare parts
     Preparatory equipment
     Knitting machinery
     Spinning equipment
          Spinning frames
          Warp winding machines
          Drawing frame
          Constituent, spare parts
     Cloth-making, textile machinery
          Warping and beaming machines
          Weaving machine
          Jacquard loom
          Sizing machines
          Steaming chamber for yarns
          Constituent, spare parts
     Cloth finishing (textile processing) equipment
          Colander machine
          Bleaching and washing apparatus
          Carding machines
     Wool processing
          Leviathan line
          Water extraction machines
          Bumping machines
          Wool scribers
          Constituent, spare parts
     Man-made fiber processing