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Means of transport and spare parts
Means of transport
     Land and road transport
          Trucks, special vehicles
               High sided truck
               Dump truck
               Estate car
               Truck tractor
               Tank capacity
               Crane trucks, elevated work platforms
          Buses, trolley buses
                    Tourist, transit
                    City, suburban
               Trolley buses
          Motorcycles et al.
               All terrain vehicles
               Motor bicycles
          Tractors, agricultural engineering
               Excavating machinery
               Paving compactors
               General engine (bulldozer + digger)
          Snow transport
               Snow-removal equioment
          Storing equipment
               Loading machines
               Traction engine
               Platform carrier
          Motorless transport
               Dray cart
     Rail transport
               Diesel locomotives
               Electric locomotives
               Steam locomotives
          Freight and passenger waggons
               Tank carriage
               Refrigerator vans
               Car transporters
               Hopper wagons
               Dumping waggons
               Dumping car
               Open goods wagons
               Third-class sleeper
               Compartment cars
               Escort railcar
          Specialty vehicles
               Derrick with portal
               Wiring railcar
               Railway motion craneds
               Travelling crushed stone removing complex
               Snow removing
          Tramways, subway cars
     Water transport
          Cargo ships
               Bulk carriers, tankers
                    Bulk carriers
                    Container vehicle
                    Bulk cargo ships
               Roll-on ships
          Passenger ships
               Motor ships
               Motor boats
               Twin-hull boat
          Special vessel
               Bridge cranes
               Science research ships
               Fire ships
               Rescue ships
               Fishing ships
               Icebreaker ships
          Wave runners
     Air transport
                    Transport planes
                    Sport planes
                    Special purpose
          Sky jumping, aeronautics
               Delta planes
Spare parts and accessories
     For cars
          Spare parts
               Engine details
               Cooling system
               Fuel injection system
          Automobile tyres, disks
               Tyre casing
          Passenger compartment, trimming
               Passenger compartment
          Body parts
               Forward/backward bumpers
               Boot lids
          External decoration
               Vinyl stickers
               Paint-and-lacquer materials
               Neon lighting
     For motorcycles et al.
          Spare parts
          Intercommunication equipment
               Closed helmet microphone
               Opened helmet microphone
          Biker equipment
                    Biker glasses
                    Biker gloves
                    Biker jupes
                    Biker suits and biker overalls
                    Biker trousers
                    Biker boots
               Protective equipment
                    Biker knee supporters, elbow pieces
                    Biker breast plates
                    Protective belts
                    Crash helmet
               Bike hard luggage
               Bike knapsacks/ bags
               Bike locks