Карта сайта

          Phalangeal knife saw
          Tool set for meniscectomy
          Knife for plaster bandages
          Guide of pin for osteosynthesis
          Scissors for cutting of plaster bandages
          Bone holder
          Tendinous hook
     Vascular surgery
          Phlebostripper (vein stripper), set
               Container for phlebostripper sterilisation
          Clamp for vascular surgery
     Sets of instruments
     Consumable materials
          Surgical clips
          Surgical edges
          Package for medical waste collecting
          Infusional systems for solutions transfusion
          Hemotransfusion systems
          Endotracheal tubes
               Foley catheter
               Nelaton's catheter
               Intravenous line
               Suction catheter
          Disposable probes
          Disposable gynecologic instruments
          Masks for anaesthesia
          Shoe covers
          Doctor's smock
          Injection instrument
                         Standard volume
For home, offices
     Chandelier, suspended luminaries
     Lamp bracket
     Floor lamp
     Desk lamp
     Picture highlighting
     Build in lamps
Street, frontal lighting
     Door and gates lighting
     Sidewalk lamps
     Park and garden lamps
     Frontal lamps
     Architectonical highlighting projector
Industrial lighting
     For special operation conditions
Holiday illumination
Illuminated signs, boards
Handheld illumination devices
     Hand lanterns
     Head lamps
     Camping lamps
     Special purposed
Luminous sources
     Heating lamps
     Energy-conservative lamps
     Daylight lamps
     Halogen lamp
     Led lamps
     Lamps of special purpose
Components and details
     Halogen lamps transformer
     Light controlling system
     Track systems
     Control gears (throttles)
     Impulse starting device
     Plafonds, lamp-shade, etc.
Technical product, fasteners, gaskets, cables
     Butt dowel
     Bolts and screws
     Internal screws
     Wood screw and self-drilling screws
     Washers and rings
     Pins, split pins
     Yokes and couplings
Pipe fittings
     Direct connectors
     Adapting pipes
     Union nipples
Chains, ropes, components
     Components, cordage
     Chain tightener
     Load attachment mechanism
     Rolling bearing
     Friction bearing
Gear wheels, gearings
     Cylinder escape wheels
     Bevel wheels
     Worm gears
Springs and torsion
Gaskets, cuffs, caps
Sucking dishes
Seals, straps
Hung sleeves and hoses
     Forcing absorbing
     High pressure
     Metal welding and cutting, oxygen
     Water supplying and watering hoses
Conveying belts
Cabling and wiring products
     Wires, cables
     Tires, strips
Radio components, electronic components
     Variable-speed gears
     Terminal blocks
     Commutation products, interchanging switches
     Demountable connectors
     Light-emitting diodes
     Light-emitting diodes drivers
     Electrolytic capacitors
     Microcircuit chips
     Thyristors, symistors
     Frames, fasteners, legs