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          Instruments to flexible endoscopes
          Endovideoscopic complexes
Medical instruments
          Anatomic probe
          Measuring spoon for liquid
          Cerebral knife
          Cartilaginous costal knife
          Anatomic intestinal scissors
          Anatomic forceps
          Ear funnel
          Laryngeus corneoscleral punch
          Ent scoop
          Ent clamp
          Laryngeus mirror
          Ent probe
          Ent needle
          Cannula for attic ablution
          Curette for foreign matters excision by vojachek method
          Nose lifter
          Nasal saw of vojachek
          Awl of vojachek
          Syringe for endoguttural infusions and tonsil ablution
          Elevator for endonasal reduction of nose bones
          Eyelid lifter
          Styptic eye clamp
          Cylindrical bilateral probe for lacrimal duct
          Eye needle
          Eye needle holder
          Eye cannula
          Eye hook
          Eye spoon curette
          Eye blade holder
          Eye spoon
          Microhook for iris
          Eye knife
          Eye scissors
          Lenticular loop
          Eye forceps
          Eye retractor
          Iris retractor
          Eye scalpel
          Eye spatula
          Medical holder
          Surgical gouge
          Surgical clamp
          Needle holder
          Instrument for cyst extraction
          Cleat for blood vessels
          Cleat holder
          Instrumental ring
          Dressing forceps
          Osteal curette
          Scapula of bujalsky
          Micropincers of adson
          Soft tissues lift
          Surgical xyster
          Osteal rasp
          Elevator of loke
          Gynecologic clamp
          Gynecologic mirror
          Gynecologic probe
          Needle for punctures of back fornix of vagina
          Gynecologic dressing forceps
          Gynecologic curette
          Ligature holder
          Gynecologic spoon
          Knife for fistula dissection
          Gynecologic scissors
          Gynecologic forceps
          Vulval raspatory
          Cervical canal of uterus retractor by gegaro
          Gynecologic pawl
          Gynecologic spatula
          Syringe for intrauterine injections
          Corkscrew for fibromyoma capture
          Gynecologic forcepses
          Extractor for iud removal
          Shaving edges holder
          Neurosurgical gouge
          Haemostatic neurosurgical сlamp
          Neurosurgical rongeur
          Neurosurgical сurette
          Neurosurgical spoon
          Knife for disclosure of tumour cover
          Neurosurgical scissors of conchotome type
          Neurosurgical perforator
          Wire twisted saw
          Neurosurgical forceps
          Conductor for wire saws
          Neurosurgical retractor
          Raspatory for axis
          Handle to wire saws
          Drill of grebenjuk-tanicha for craniotomy
          Neurosurgical spatula
          Neurosurgical forcepses
          Amalgam condenser and capacity for amalgam
          Stomatologic gouge
          Clamp for lips
          Stomatologic mirror
          Tooth probe
          Needle for cutting of arcus palatini
          Key to orthodontic arch
          Crown hook
          Callipers with a measuring scale
          Osteal stomatologic rongeur
          Stomatologic spoon
          Stomatologic knife
          Stomatologic scissors
          Stomatologic forceps
          Stomatologic raspatory
          Incisor for cleaning of internal cavities of teeth
          Mouth opener
          Core removal
          Dentogingival support
          Device for punching of metal crowns
          Spatula for bilaterial cement
          Stomatologic syringe
          Stomatologic forcepses
          Dental forceps
          Stomatologic elevator
          Tongue depressor
          Urological clamp
          Urological mirror
          Grooved probe for solderings separation
          Cutting needle for nephros oligobiopsy
          Spoon for stones extraction from bladder
          Scissors to proctoscope for rectum biopsy
          Syringe for irrigation
          Urological forcepses
          Clamp-bone holding
          Osteal forceps
          Extractor for pegs extraction with five hooks
          Plaster bending forceps
          Pin for osteosynthesis
          Band saw
          Orthopedic plate