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          Colonic tubes
     Medical linen
          Slimming linen
          Compressive jersey
     Orthopedic goods, bandages
          Orthopedic footwear
          Heel pad
          Correcting products for feet
          Interdigital septums
          Orthopedic insoles
          Orthopedic pillows
          Bearing correctors
               Shants's splint
          Bandage for support and arm bracing
               Hernial inguinal
               Hernial umbilical
               On joints
               On extremity
          Removable joint-immobilizer
               On joints
               For claviciila fixing
               For fingers
               Upper extremities
               Lower extremities
          Supporting structure
               Orthopedic support
               Crutches under elbow
Prosthetic material
Prosthetic devices
     Upper extremities
     Lower extremities
Medical equipment
     Maieutics, gynecology, neonatology
          Bilirubin analyzers at newborns
          Gynecologic aspirators
          Neonatal block of an intensive care
          New-born balance
          Beds with heating
          Fetal monitors, fetal dopplers
          Neonatal tables
          Bed heating devices
          Phototherapeutic apparatus for newborns
     Diagnostic equipment
          Vegetative tester
          Medical weighing device
          Weighing device - fat depot measurer
          Complex diagnostic apparatus
          Spirographs, lung-testers
          Medical thermometers
          Phonendoscopes, stethoscopes
          Ergometers, veloergometers
          Uroflometry apparatus
      training device for plasmapheresis, hemosorption and other methods of detoxification
      training device for thermotherapy
     Virtual training device, simulators, robots-dummies, manuals etc.
          Training devices for a laparoscopy
          Laparoscopic simulator
          Simulator for eye microsurgery
          Endoscopic simulator
          Angiographic simulator
          Simulators for endourology
          Arthroscopic simulators
          Training devices for lumbar puncture
          Human skeleton
          Human skull
     Cardiologic equipment
          Automatic diagnostic complex
          Measuring instrument invasive low pressure
          Сardiographs, electrocardiographs
          Pulseoxymetry device, inspirometer
     Cosmetologic equipment
          Cosmetologic apparatus for physiotherapy
          Wood's lamp
          Electroluminescent lamps for dermatology
     Laboratory equipment
          Aquadistiller, redistiller
          Alcohol tester
          Anti- aids protection
          Water baths
          Laboratory material containers
          Laminar flow hood (dischange)
          Intellectual mixers
          Magnetic mixers
          Laboratory ware
          Sampling equipment
          Spectrophotometers, photoelectric colorimeters, photometers, etc.
          Laboratory bag-packing
          Thermal containers
          Accessories to centrifuges
               Rotors to centrifuges
               Adapters for test tubes
          Laboratory accessories and equipment
               Laboratory supports
               Components for supports
                    Tangs for supports
                    Funnel holders
               Support for test tubes, pipettes, micropipets
               Laboratory forcepses
               Laboratory pincers
               Tubes and connecting elements
               Mixing rods
               Object glass, cover-glass
               Mixers for ditch
               Laboratory spoons
               Balloon (bulb) for pipettes
               Filtering paper
               Craft paper for sterilisation
               Dosimeter (adjutage) controller for pipettes
               Hematocrit capillary