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     Furniture venetian blind
     Plinth systems
          Rounding elements
          Air grid
          Connecting elements
          End plugs
          Corner elements
     Profile systems
          Sliding systems
               Carriage, roller
               Door closer
          Directing for boxes
          Door closer and dampers for boxes
          Trimming profile, fillets
          Connecting elements for profile
     Hoisting gear
     Rotation gear
     Socket and communication system
          Cable hangers
          Suspensions for cupboards
          Floor clamps
Interior details
     Venetian blinds
     Curtain rods
     Jug, vase
     Ornamental flowerpot
     Key shelves
Pharmacological groups (medicines)
Vitamins and vitamin-like agents, macro- and micro substances
Medicinal herbs, mixtures, teas
Bas (biologically active supplement)
Bandaging material
          For splints and bandages fixation
          Plaster bandages
          Polymeric bandages for traumatology
     Cotton wool
     Gauze bandages
     Emplastrums, adhesive plasters
     Emplastrums set
          For foul wounds
          At ambustions
     Compression bandages
          For knees
          For tibio-tarsic
     Thermobandages for joints
          For knees
          For tibio-tarsic
     Hypothermal packages
     Blood-stanching tampons
     Vision correction glasses
          Glasses lenses
               Sun-protective with diopters
               Sun-protective without diopters
               For work behind the computer
          Ready glasses
               With diopters
               For drivers
          Glasses for sportsmen
               Aquatic sports
               Extreme sports
               Motorcycle sport
     Exercisers for eyes
     Sun glasses
     Contact lenses
          For 1 month
          For 3 months
          30 days without taking out
          Colour and tinct
     Solutions and accessories
          Solution for contact lenses
          Drops for eyes
          Clearing tablets
          Spectacle case
          Cords for glasses
          Clearing sprays
Medicine chest
     Mother and the child
Test systems
     Pregnancy test
     Ovulation test
     Test for narcotic substances
     Tests for urine
Medical products
     For gynecologic checkup
          Gynecologic checkup sets
          Gynecologic mirror
          Checkup instruments
     Contraception agents
          Intrauterine spirals
          Cervical caps
          Contraceptive tampons
     Agents of personal hygiene
          Sanitary towel
          Wadding sticks
     Nursing, accessory items
          Napkin for adults
          Disposable hygienic coverings
          Masseurs, exercisers
          Incontinence bags
          Incontinence pads
          Rubber heaters
          Esmarch's irrigator
          Finger stalls
          Rubber bubbles for ice
          Lining circles
          Antidecubital mattresses