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          Entertaining programs
     Mobile programs
Cosmetics and perfumery
Perfumery and perfumed cosmetics
     For women
          Toilet water
     For men
          Toilet water
     Make up
               Tinting cream
               Palettes and sets
          For eyes
               Eye liner
               Liner for brows
               Eye defining liquid liner
               Eyelash and brow tint
          For lips
               Lip gloss
               Lip pencil
               Palettes and sets
          For hair care
               Hair color products
               Hair mousse
               Hair wax
               Hair gel
               Waving and straightening products
               Hair lotion
          For nails
               Spangles and stickers
          Make-up remover
     Hygiene cosmetic products
               Liquid soap
               Soap bar
               Jelly soap
          Shower gel
          Shampoo, balsam, conditioner
          Bath products
               Bath salt
               Bubble bath
               Fragrance for bath
          Hygiene of teeth and mouth
               Tooth powder
               Refreshing spray
               Dental mouthwash
               Dental floss
               Denture adhesives (powder and paste)
     Skin care
          Masks, gels, mousses
          Talc and other powders
          Cosmetic oil
     Nail care
          Nail and cuticle oil
          Care lacquers
     Lip care
     Sun protection and tanning products
          Sun protection
          Solarium cosmetic
          Sunless tanning products
     Hair care products
          Hair care
               Curative cosmetics
          Hair styling
          Hair dyeing (coloring)
     Shaving products
          Shaving gel
          Shaving foam
          Shaving cream
     Deodorants and same products
          Deodorized cream
          Refreshing lotions
          Foot spray
Fabric, threads, leathers, furs, furniture, accessories
Sewing fabric, no woven fabric
     Vesting-dress, shirt
     Stockinet, lace linen, guipure, etc.
          Lace linen
     Upholstery (furniture textiles)
     Curtain textiles
          Coarse calico
          Natural silk
     Fabric for sport clothers
     Fabric for table-linen
     Fabric for headwear
     Auxiliary fabrics and materials
          Unwoven stitched
Industrial fabrics and nonwoven fabrics
     Double warp
     Packing fabric
     Glass fabric
     Silica fabric
     Rubberized fabrics
     Filtering fabrics
          For artificial leather
          For linoleum
          For industrial rubber articles
     For road building
     For sievs
Yarn for knitting