Карта сайта

          Raw materials for tissues
          Raw materials for toilet paper
     Nonprinting paper
          Binder board
          Thermal paper
          For digital printing
          Paper for medical purposes
     Dioxide carbon
     Carbonic oxide
     Hydrocarbon gases
     Gaseous mixture
          For sterilization
          For fire extinguisher system
          Eximer mixtures
          Binary industrial mixtures
Chemical, petrochemical products, chemical agents
     Organic chemistry production
     Inorganic chemistry production
     Chemical agents
     Pigments, colourants
Caoutchouc, rubber
     Rubber mixtures
     Secondary raw material
          Rubber granules
          Rubber granulate
          Powder rubber
          Rubber dust
Plastics, polymers, composition materials
     Polyvinylchloride (pvc)
     Plastic foam
     Polyethylene terephthalate
     Fluoropolymer and fluorelastomer
     Building glass
     Protective glass
     Electric heating
Raw material of plant and animal origin
     Plant raw material
          Flowers, petals, buds
          Roots, rhizomes
          Leaves, stems
          Branches, rind, moss, lichen
          Fruits, berries
          Seeds, grains
          Plant voidings: resin, gum and etc.
     Raw animal material
          Products of bee vital functions
          Cattle tissue and organs
          Cattle hooves and horns
          Tendrons and sinews
          Snake and bees poisons
          Velvet antlers
          Feathers, down
Animals, plants, fodders, others
Farm animals
     Predatory animals
          Polar foxes
               Guinea fowls
          Pearl oyster
Forage for farm animals
          Green forages