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Raw materials and supplies
Mineral resources
          Natural gas
          Oil shale
          Limestone for lime production
          Carbonaceous rocks
          Building stone
          Saw stone
          Sand and gravel mixes
               For ceramics
               For welding materials
               Dry sand
          Expanded crystalline silica
          Road metal
               Ground fire clay powder
               Grounded kaolin powder
               Ceramic kaolin
               Molding clay(concrete stone)
               For ceramic tile production
               For washer fluid
          Zeolite-containing rocks
          Phosphate rocks
          Asphaltic sands
          Mineral pigment
          Ferrous metal ores
               Manganese ores
          Nonferrous metal ores
               Copper and zinc
               Polymetallic ores
                    Tungsten and molybdenum
     Ornamental stone material and precious stones
          Underground mineral waters
          Underground fresh waters
     Mining and chemical raw materials
          Asparagus stone
          Mineral salts
Metals, metal products
          Rare metals, alligations
          Nonferrous metals
          Ferrous-based alloys
     Metal products
          Rolled metal products
               Channel bracket
               Flat products
               Rod iron
               High strength
Fuel and lubrication materials and petroleum derivatives
     Automobile gasolines
     Diesel fuels
               Cold resistant
               Chemically resistant
          Conservation (protective)
          Compacting (screwed)
     Boiler and stove fuel
     Industrial oils
     Motor oils
          For disel engines
          For gasolene-engines
     Steam-turbine oils
     Transformer oils
     Transmission gear oils
     Petroleum bitumen
     Liquified petroleum gas
     Light oil
     Paraffin wax
     Heating oil
Wood substance, industrial wood, paper, cardboard
     Wood substance
     Industrial wood
          Beams and bars
          Lagging (hunch)
     Glued girder, girder imitation
     Planks, lathes
     Compressed wood
     Refuse wood
Paper and cardboard
     For printing
          Book-printing paper
          Newsprint paper
     For packing
          Outer carton
          Corrugated board
     Sanitary and hygienic