How to post a contextual advertising


1. Carefully choose the keywords by which advertising messages are to be displayed in research system, avoid wide correspondence with research requests, it cause advertising displaying to lots of non-purpose users. As a result the click-through rate of advertising will descend, your announcement will go down to the bottom of the list or at the worst will be removed from demonstrating.

2. Advertising message should be short but meaningful. This is necessary because many people do not want to spend time for reading too long advertisings and so just ignore them. If you are able to put maximum useful information in few short phrases, your chances to attract users’ attention will significantly increase.

3. Use the keywords in the advertising text. Among the all advertising announcements the user will choose the one with the words he used in his search.

4. From the previous rule follows that under each keyword phrase you need to create separate advertising. This will not only help to attract the attention of as many as possible users but also to evaluate the effectiveness of one or another keyword.

5. While placing advertisements at the, the link in advertising should be corresponding to the text. For example, if the advertising message has in the text phrase “Nikon camera”, then link should lead to page with exactly this product, not to the main page of huge Internet store, because most of users will not even try to search for product and simply leave the page and choose another site.