How the promo-action works at  

A special propositions on goods and services - “Promotions”- can be posted at the «» portal. You have an opportunity to participate in the promotions.

Periodically promotions are renewed. It may be various products: jewelry, appliances and so on, or also services: bowling, billiards, restaurant, beauty salon or cinema visits. You get an opportunity to get the best goods and services you can only dreamed about.


For participation in Promotions you have to register and pay for promotions participation by pressing the button “Participate”. Payment for participation comes through your account, which you receive with registration. For replenishment of your account you have to choose convenient for you method of paying (bank card, bank transfer, payment terminal, etc.) and make payment.


Each Promotion has its own special terms and conditions of use, one of which may be the minimal number of participants involved in this Promotion. So if it was not sold the needed number of applications for participation before the end of the action, this Promotion is to be canceled. We fully return all the money to the participants.


After registration of needed number of participants in the Promotion, the happy owner of promotional product is to be determined. He will receive a notification in the section “Messages”. The more actively you participate in Promotion, the more chances to receive promotional product you have.


Did you become a happy owner of promotional product or service? Congratulations! Just tell about it to the Promotion organizer or our managers by contacts specified in the notice. You will be informed when and where you can get your goods or use the service.





Why do we have such large discounts?


We work individually with each seller to make his Promotion most interesting for you. We guarantee to the seller to attract potential customers, additional advertising of his product, his brand, company. Therefore the seller offers his product or service.


What is participation?


Participation gives you a right to receive goods or services placed by the seller in Promotions.

In fact participation - it’s a secret code consisting of 15 digits.


How and when do I get participation?


Immediately after your payment for participation, a notice with participation code will be sent as message to section “Notifications.” By paying for participation you have to ensure you have enough funds on your account. You can replenish your account by choosing convenient for you method of paying (bank card, bank transfer, payment terminal, etc.) and make payment.


What is the cost of Promotions?


Principal value is the total price of goods and services that you become if you receive the right on promotional product or service. Price of participation is a special Promotion price of goods or services you buy. Price of participation is always lower than the full cost of promotional goods.


How to pay for participation?


There are several methods of payment:

1. In cash via sales offices

2. Via bank transfer

3. Non-cash payment

4. Bank card