How to become a VIP-user


  1. Follow link “My Office”
  2. Switch to the tab “Paid Services”
  3. Click on the button “BECOME VIP”
  4. Pay the bill for the VIP-user-status that you can find in menu “My purses” in tab “Unpaid invoices”
  5. This service is available only for users who are registered as a Company.


 Benefits of VIP - users:


  1. Possibility to post an infinite number of goods and services
  2. Gallery with infinite number of pictures
  3. Bonuses for new VIP-users
  4. Participation in Bonus-Club
  5. Setting up of promotions as an additional type of advertisement
  6. Context advertising
  7. Banners placing
  8. Getting high rating, because of which your goods/services will be on the top in catalog and in search results.
  9. Your own web-shop and business card website inside the portal.
  10. Client module that allows you to work offline
  11. You can load your price-lists in different file extensions (.pdf, .doc, .xls)
  12. Ability to use electronic purse