Bonus Club invites you to become a participant of “Bonus Club.”


“Bonus Club” at is funded bonus loyalty program for buyers in the net of trading and servicing companies registered at the portal and posted their products and services at the


The essence of the program is to provide to the customers (buyers) deferred discount on these products.

Discount accumulates in the form of bonuses at the customer’s account and returns to the seller by the bonus payment. The client gets the right to use bonuses for payment only in trading and servicing net of project participants.


“Bonus Club” capabilities for Sellers:


Becoming member of the “Bonus Club” at the you get additional capabilities to increase the trade turnover of your company, to attract new customers.

“Bonus Club” at the gives your company additional benefits:


• Customer loyalty increasing, inducing them to next purchases;


• Existing customers’ retention, turning them into your company adherers through encouragement by bonuses;


• Increasing purchase amount of regular customers.



• Increasing the amount of one-time purchases;


• Better attracting of new customers, because bonuses can be obtained already from the first purchase and discounts are usually given from the second;


• Opportunity to find potential customers among the active users of the system.


• Confidence to the companies united under the Club aegis.


• Ability to sell new products to existing customers. Loyal customers trust your company and most likely will buy new products from you.


• forming “advertising agents” from your loyal customers for attracting new customers. In a number of branches nearly 70% of new clients come after recommendation.


• Greater range of potential customers. Involvement into the Bonus Program of allows you to produce less marketing and advertising investments as the organizers of the “Bonus Club” of will take care of the goods promotion under the Club aegis (advertising and information posting, prizes and competitions, carrying out actions and other activities - everything club take upon itself).

• Free promotional support of “Bonus Club” participants at various Internet sites